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Will I Still Be A Woman?

Worth & Destiny BlogWill I Still Be A Woman? I have a love-hate relationship with my period. I started my period when I was 11. If I remember correctly, during the first year or so, it seemed like my period came every 2 weeks. I hated it. I didn’t like the way I...

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I Am Not a Fan of Winter

Worth & Destiny Blog I Am Not a Fan of Winter Can you believe winter is upon us? Honestly, it is hard for me to believe sometimes because of the wackiness of the weather. Here in the DC metro it will feel like we have gone through all 4 seasons within 2 days by...

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Disappointment Sucks!

Worth & Destiny Blog Disappointment Sucks! It seems like over the last couple of months I’ve had a fair amount of disappointment and if I’m honest, frustration as well. My disappointment and frustration have run the gamut. I’ve had moments of really intense...

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Your Intuition Is Right

Worth & Destiny Blog Your Intuition Is Right his past weekend was my alma mater’s homecoming. The last time I was on Xavier’s campus was November 2019. And I had such an amazing time! I was looking forward to returning this year. I bought my plane ticket and had...

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