I believe REST is at the heart of and is the essence of restorative and transformative self-care. It is in and through REST that we are strengthened, healed and empowered.

There is a power in the stillness and quiet of REST that allows us to connect deeply with ourselves in ways that are often not accessible to us when we are constantly busy–in action or in thought.

And the change in seasons–both meteorological and life, offer new opportunities and invitations for healing REST.

The initial window of our winters can be quite restless for many for a number or reasons.

I believe HEALING REST has the ability to transform and illuminate our winter journey.

If you could use a REST that you didn’t even know that you needed or you’ve known that you needed but have not carved out the time, I am sending you a heartfelt invitation to join me for “Healing Rest Through the Seasons: Winter Rest”.

What: 60-min restorative yoga session
Day: Every Tuesday for 4-weeks beginning on the Winter Solstice, 12/21
Time: 8PM EST
Where: Zoom link provided when you register
Investment: $20 per class or $60 for the 4-week package

Restorative yoga is a very gentle practice with 4-6 postures held for 5-20 minutes through the support of props galore that invites your entire being to rest deeply. Yoga props are not required–you may use sofa cushions, bed pillows, blankets, ties/belts, and/or towels that you already have in your home. You can practice on the floor or on your bed.

What’s next? Register ASAP as this is an intimate virtual gathering with spaces for 20 women seeking to rest. 

Rest with Me
Tuesdays at 8PM (virtually)
This is a very gentle practice for all practitioner levels: new to seasoned. The practice utilizes lots of props to cradle the body in restful poses to experience deep rest and relaxation. Variations are offered and you can use props in your home (pillows, cushions, blankets, towels) and/or you can use yoga props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps). We start with gentle movement to release restless or busy energy and then into no more than 4 poses. Poses are held 5-20 mins.
Join me and transform your life through the power of rest!

Registration link: https://wowdwellness.as.me/restwithmeweekly

Rest with Me (in partnership with Giving Hearts Yoga)
Thursday, 9/22 @ 7PM ET

Restorative yoga for a cause🤗
If you’re available, this one is for the fellas too
😉, join me at 7PM ET for a 60-min restorative session.
What does that mean? We’ll practice 4 postures that are all fully supported so that you feel cradled and held so that you can have the space to enter into sweet relaxation and rest—all the way down to your soul!
The non-profit I’ve chosen is BMMA—Black Mama’s Matter Alliance. All donations will go to this powerful organization.

Registration link: https://givingheartsyoga.org/yoga-for-charity/

A Balm for Busy Black Women: A practice of deep rest

Saturday, 10/15 @1PM-4PM (in-person)
Only 6 spaces

As a Black woman in this country, the daily stresses can become downright draining causing us to exist in exhaustion instead of living with joy and in empowered. Work and everything that brings; a culture of “Black Excellence”; family life and obligations; any of the -isms; and the list goes on. These are some of the daily stresses we deal with, and dare I say attempt to manage.

All of these can adversely impact your health and overall sense of wellbeing, leaving you
feeling depleted.

This intimate, 3-hour workshop guides you to explore restful postures, also known as restorative yoga. This practice uses as many props as needed to support the body, which grants space for you to experience deep rest and relaxation. It is in this state that space is created to release emotions and experiences that have been stored and are no longer needed, and to open to being strengthened, healed, empowered, nurtured and nourished, allowing an opportunity for restoration and transformation.

This workshop is for you if:
You’re always doing & busy
Being tired, exhausted and/or on the edge of burnout = your norm
You’re ready to explore another way of living

Registration fee includes $25 toward a private session, pre-work, a journal & light refreshments.

Bring warm, comfy socks & feel free to bring your favorite blanket!

Our host location is Essence of Energy Wellness Center in Waldorf, MD.

Early Registration ends September 21, 2022.

Registration closes October 4, 2022.

Registration link: https://wowdwellness.as.me/balmforbusyblackwomen