Who Am I?

In short:
I am woman who believes in the power of holistic self-care practices and the complimentary, appropriate use of traditional medicine to be well and healthy, which better allows us to walk fully in our destiny.

 I identify as a black woman who is a wife, daughter, sister, stepmother, godmother, friend, cheerleader and supporter of those whom I love. I am 46 years young, though my body tries to tell me different sometimes. I believe in speaking truth to power; that people can truly change and evolve; that hospice care is a gift during very difficult times; that there is wisdom in nature; that it is important to be truthful and work to do what is right and just; and that the laughter of children can change the atmosphere.

Here are the details:
When I was a kid, I knew that I wanted to be someone who helped people when I grew up. I went from wanting to be a lawyer to a doctor and finally landing on a pharmacist. It wasn’t until I was fully entrenched in pharmacy school that I began to understand the ways in which I could serve. But that was just the tip of the iceberg for me.

After pharmacy school, I took what was becoming a traditional route—residency. But my specific path was most untraditional—a specialized residency in palliative care. (Palliative care can be thought of as symptom management for the very sick and for those who are terminally ill.)

It was in my practice of end-of-life care, working with nurses, social workers, chaplains, volunteers and doctors that I was exposed to powerful yet tender ways that we can care for people at very difficult times in their lives. I had the opportunity to learn about the needs of the soul and how alternative therapies and practices could support traditional medical practice and make a significant difference to the recipient. It was in this practice that I became acutely aware of the body-mind-spirit connection.

 Needless to say, my 20+ pharmacy career expanded beyond my clinical work in end-of-life care. It included highly stressful positions that were overly demanding. I found myself unable to create safe and necessary boundaries. I was mentally and spiritually exhausted. I developed colds and upper respiratory infections that took months for me to kick. I missed time with my loved ones and my friends. And there were times when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t quite know how I’d landed in this place and felt like my life was no longer my own.

And then this happened.

In May of 2017, shortly after getting married, I resigned from my job. Actually, I resigned from my career in pharmacy. To save myself, I left everything I knew and began to get rest in a way I probably hadn’t experienced since my 20’s. I was 42. And I had to figure out what my heart wanted to do.

 And so, I did the work. I began to dig deep. I began to explore and to uncover. I began to (re)member who I was and my life’s calling and passion—to serve, women in particular. As I re-engaged with self-care practices, I r(e)discovered myself and began a journey that resulted in me becoming a certified 200-hr yoga instructor, certified pre-/postnatal yoga instructor, trained restorative yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, certified Thai foot massage and yoga massage practitioner, trained yoga nidra guide, trained holistic fertility doula and a trained ritual facilitator.

 And now, I curate and provide transformational self-care practices for busy women, just like you, who are doing it up on the job, as entrepreneurs, at home and in the community.


WOWD Center for Wellness


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Email: wowdwellness@gmail.com
Phone: 301-752-3679
Mailing Address:
8013 Bullfinch Place
White Plains, MD 20695

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WOWD is an acronym for Women of Worth & Destiny. WOWD Center for Wellness provides restorative and transformational self-care services to women who are out there rockin’ and rollin and doing the dag-on-thang! WOWD is for you if you have struggled to figure out how to consistently self-care (yep, I’ve made self-care a verb, lol); if you need self-care that is powerful, yet gentle, allowing you to restore a sense of balance and harmony in your body, mind and spirit; if you want to retreat to a sanctuary that allows you sacred space to do things like journal, color, meditate, pray or simply be still and do nothing.

When you arrive to WOWD, you will enter into the Self-Care Sanctuary. This is the sacred space where restorative and transformational self-care is provided. This space is sacred. It is in this space where you can receive Thai foot massage and Tai yoga massage; experience private yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and yoni breathing sessions; engage in rituals or a relax in spa-like retreat where healing can take place.

WOWD proudly welcomes women at different stages life: menstruating, preconception, prenatal, postnatal, and on the menopause spectrum.

For women who are unable to make it to WOWD Center for Wellness or prefer the convenience of receiving services in their own home or at work, most of the services can be provided as mobile services for an individual or a small group.

Wellness and Healing

For women not in DC-MD-VA metro area, some services can be provided virtually.

No matter what, WOWD’s mission is to strengthen, heal and empower women!

WOWD can also provide corporate wellness programs for employers, churches, hotels, conferences, and other organizations to provide wellness services to its valued employees, members, guests, attendees, etc.