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It Was An Adventure

My sister has a drone. She named him Gordy and she brought him with us on our trip to Sedona. 

Gordy went higher than we ever could by foot. Gordy captured some amazing video and photos. Gordy also decided to not obey a command to return home and Gordy decided that he was tired. I take that back. He decided he was exhausted. According to Sissy’s panel, Gordy had 20% battery life remaining. That should have been more than enough to bring him back to her.

Apparently it wasn’t. Gordy went down into the trees. Trees that were on a very steep slope with a drop that would leave a falling person injured. In a resort that we were not registered. Just as the sun was going down. 

What was at stake? The money she invested in Gordy and all the video and photos that had yet to be downloaded–memories. 

Get the picture?

Now picture us getting up just before the sunrise. Covering ourselves with clothing to the best of our ability. Grabbing a broom and a hooked umbrella to use as potential tools to recover Gordy. We drive to the location based on the last GPS coordinates provided, in the resort we are not registered at. Sissy spots Gordy. We climb over the guard rail. Even with the broom, we cannot get Gordy from the ground. Alessandra’s solution? Sissy is lighter than me so she’ll have to climb the tree. The tree that looks half dead. 

She climbs and I push and hold her up. She jabs. Eventually Gordy falls. Thankfully without rolling down that big ol’ hill. We get her out of the tree safely and she recovers Gordy!

 Moral of the story: recharge your battery well before it gets low😉. 



Peace & wellness,



“Be strengthened. Be healed. Be empowered.” ~ Alessandra Poroj