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Is “Balance” Real?

Happy New Year, Woman of Worth & Destiny!

What’s on tap for you in 2022? For many of us, creating balance in our lives becomes one that often makes its way onto the list.

Would you believe that I no longer believe in that concept? I think work-life balance is a bit of a fantasy.

What I now believe in is the prioritization of the different components of our lives. I believe we do this based on two factors:

  1.     How empowered we believe we are to decide how we structure our lives (primary)
  2.     What is most important and valued to us (secondary)

When we don’t feel empowered to create and live the life that we want, we allow others to determine our priorities. For example, when I was working pharmacy full-time I didn’t believe I had the ability to set boundaries that limited the number of hours I worked or the access that staff, colleagues and customers had to me. Even on my 40th birthday trip to Italy, I got up a couple of hours early to check and respond to emails. Can you guess what I allowed my priority to be?   

However, when we believe we choose how we structure our lives, then we take responsibility and prioritize as we see fit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Even when we are empowered, we still have to shift and be flexible because our priorities can change weekly, daily or even moment-by-moment. But the key is that we are engaged in the process of prioritizing and not allowing it to be imposed upon us.

So, as we move into 2022, my hope is that you are empowered to prioritize your life and that your self-care is toward the top of your list more often than not.

How does this idea of prioritization vs. life balance resonate with you? 


Peace and wellness,



“Be strengthened. Be healed. Be empowered.” ~ Alessandra Poroj