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I Can’t Believe She Said That About Me!

One of my intentions for this year is to learn not to take things personally. And don’t you know, I’ve already had several instances to begin to practice this?

So, what does this mean for me?

Much of this will be a re-conditioning of my ego. There is the work of understanding that I’m not really that important that folk would be sitting around contemplating Alessandra Demaris.

The other big part is simply not allowing my emotions to get caught up in the words that someone has used with or toward me. Much of what we say to each other has less to do about them and more to do about us. What we say is often based on our beliefs, preferences, experiences and desires. 

 This is a discipline of the mind. I can take moments to determine if there is any objective truth that offers opportunity to grow–and then move on. However, I have to get out of the habit of ruminating on what was said and then developing feelings about the person based on that.

The reality is taking things personally has certainly caused me suffering that I could have done without. It has wasted time and energy that I could have used for something else.

Mindset work is important self-care. While it may not always feel good, it is definitely part of the journey to be strengthened, healed and empowered.

 What mindset work is ahead of you this year?


Peace and wellness,



“Be strengthened. Be healed. Be empowered.” ~ Alessandra Poroj