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I Am Not a Fan of Winter

Can you believe winter is upon us? Honestly, it is hard for me to believe sometimes because of the wackiness of the weather. Here in the DC metro it will feel like we have gone through all 4 seasons within 2 days by the time you get this email!

Nevertheless, winter is still quickly approaching.

How do I know? Trees that give up their leaves, have done so. Flowers have died. The temperature has shifted and we are waking up to more mornings with frost. Daylight is shorter, darkness is longer. The air is much dryer.

These are signs of meteorological winter. We see and experience them and then choose how we will respond with the assurance that even though it feels like forever, spring will be approaching in a few months.

But what are the signs of the winters that occur in our lives?

For me, these winter experiences have included sadness and grief, loneliness, feeling lost and unsure, lack of clarity, infertility, and feeling forgotten by God. Unfortunately, unlike meteorological winter where we have a general sense of when the season will end, it is not so with life.

We often spend so much time avoiding, fighting, and doing what is necessary during these winter seasons. We resist the darkness. We pretend that all is well. We stay busy so we don’t have to deal with our feelings.\

But what if we approached our winters differently? What if we created space to rest? Could that change the ways in which we experience and “move” through these seasons?

There is a powerful, healing property in deep rest. This is a rest that involves stillness in our bodies and our minds with an awareness of our experience.

I believe restorative yoga offers us the opportunity for deep and healing rest in our winter seasons. This healing rest fortifies us in body, mind and spirit—down to a cellular level.

So, beginning December 21st, I will be offering the first 4-week series of restorative yoga of this winter season. Whether you are in a winter season of your life or simply would like to learn ways to rest powerfully during this meteorological winter, this is your personal invitation to join me for “Healing Rest Through the Seasons: Winter Rest

But hurry, this is an intimate experience. There are only 20 spaces available. You may purchase one class at a time or get the package (4 classes for the price of 3).

So, join me and meet me on your mat or your bed at 8PM, every Tuesday for 4 weeks.