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Disappointment Sucks!

It seems like over the last couple of months I’ve had a fair amount of disappointment and if I’m honest, frustration as well. My disappointment and frustration have run the gamut. I’ve had moments of really intense emotions, moments where I simply raised a brow, moments where I sat in disbelief, and moments where I was like, “forget them.”

I’ve been working not to sit in my feelings and stew. Not to replay and rehash what my ears heard or what my eyes saw. Not to let the disappointment and frustration become a distraction and derail me.

But to do this, this requires that:

  • I self-care in and through disappointment.
  • I self-care so that I can give myself a moment to simply feel and be with my emotions and feelings.
  • I self-care so that I can notice and be aware of the thoughts that are forming around the disappointment and have an opportunity to nip false thinking in the bud.
  • I self-care so that I can practice truthfulness.
  • I self-care so that I can practice forgiveness—with myself and with others.
  • I self-care in ways that allow me to move my body so that that energy doesn’t get stuck.


Disappointment and frustration have a sneaky way of settling in to become harbored anger, betterment and resentment that can wreak havoc on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Disappointment and frustration are inevitable. We get to choose how we respond and how long we allow ourselves to stay there. We choose whether we learn something or simply blame.

This is where transformative self-care practices and experiences are powerfully helpful. These experiences work on the superficial level, which makes us feel good quickly and for the moment. But they also transcend the superficial and move deeply to strengthen, heal and empower us.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about retail therapy, a mani/pedi, or even a facial. You might look better on the outside, but I’d ask, what’s the impact on your overall wellbeing?

How do you respond to disappointment and frustration? Do you maintain your self-care practices through it?