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I Can’t Believe I Forgot My Anniversary!

I can’t believe I did this. I forgot something really important. I forgot my own anniversary.

No, not our wedding anniversary. But my anniversary of officially opening WOWD.

I’ve been delightfully busy serving you that it wasn’t even on my radar until that memory on Facebook popped up.

It has been 3 years. Three whole years. It is hard to believe sometimes.

And so, I simply want to say thank you! Thank you for your support, your presence, your encouragement and your trust. When I see that you’ve opened an email, I’m delighted. When you entrust me with your body, mind and spirit, I am honored. When you share your story with me, I am privileged. When we share space together, I am grateful.

Here’s to the next however many years of partnering with you in ways that cultivate strengthening, healing and empowerment!