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Your Intuition Is Right

his past weekend was my alma mater’s homecoming. The last time I was on Xavier’s campus was November 2019. And I had such an amazing time!

I was looking forward to returning this year. I bought my plane ticket and had started developing a business plan around my visit. But when I purchased my ticket, I had some level of unsettledness about it. That feeling never subsided and I couldn’t make myself get a hotel or Airbnb. At some point, I finally decided that I was not going. I just couldn’t shake it—but I also couldn’t explain it. I chalked it up to COVID and my mom’s upcoming surgery.

On Thursday night, I got a call from my mom. One of my first cousins had died suddenly.

Shortly after she called, I remembered that sense of unsettledness about my trip to New Orleans. And I was grateful that I honored my intuition.

Do you have moments like this? You sense something, but cannot put your finger on it or don’t have complete clarity about it? Do you honor her and lean into her? Or do you push her away and ignore her? Or can you even hear her—your intuition, your spirit?

Thanks to social media, I’ve seen so many pictures and videos of Homecoming 2021 and I can tell folk had an amazing time. Had I gone, I don’t know that I would have been one of them. But because I’ve been self-caring in a way that nurtures my spirit, along with my body and mind, I was able to yield to the call of my spirit.

For me, good self-care nurtures and nourishes in a way that strengthens, heals and empowers all that way down to my intuition.

Sis, when was the last time you honored your intuition/spirit? What is really good self-care for you? Hit reply and let me know.

Peace & wellness,

“Be strengthened. Be healed. Be empowered.” ~ Alessandra Poroj