About Us

WOWD Center for Wellness

We believe that a state of wellness, is one of the things that allows you to discover, explore and live without apology the fullness your destiny. Wellness and self-care require work and effort. However, the more you do it for yourself or gift the opportunity to someone, the more you are consciously aware of your need for it. Wellness needs are different for each woman and are subject to change based on what may or may not be happening in the woman’s life.

WOWD’s goal is to provide opportunities to increase your state of wellness and partner with you in self-care through education from those who practice in complementary and alternative medicine, western medicine, counseling and mental health, and healing arts; mindful and meditative movement in yoga; movement in fitness training lifting weights and cardio-rich activity; sharing and support in sister circles; balancing through energetic work like Reiki; and relaxation with bodywork like Thai foot massage.

WOWD is a safe and sacred space for women to explore and engage various practices and modalities that support you to live fully. WOWD allows women to intentionally practice self-care in an inclusive community that honors and respects each person’s spirit, mind and body. It is a place and space for women to explore and acknowledge their worth and do those things that allow and encourage them to live in the fullness of their destiny.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and we want to partner with you as you indulge in self-care and self-love practices that energize you, relax you, give you space to simply breathe, allow you to think and reflect, allow you to meditate and quiet your thoughts, and inform you.

Come as you are physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. You don’t have to come to us perfect and our goal is not to make you perfect or set an expectation that perfection even exists. Our desire is to journey with you and partner with you on your wellness path. The path of wellness can be complex and can even seem overwhelming. We want to help you navigate and simplify it as much as possible. You don’t have to do everything. Choose something that makes you feel good. Choose something that gives you life. Choose something that helps you to relax. Whatever you choose—make it about you.

WOWD on the GO!

WOWD on the GO! provides services to persons who are unable to make it to WOWD Center for Wellness or prefer the convenience of receiving services in their own home or at work. WOWD on the GO! also works with employers, churches, hotels, conferences, and other organizations to provide wellness services to its valued employees, members, guests, attendees, etc. We also provide services to brides-to-be to help you create and/or maintain balance as you prepare for your big day. WOWD on the GO! has the same intention in its practices and services as WOWD Center for Wellness.

Our Team

Women of Worth & Destiny was created and founded by Alessandra Demaris Thompson Poroj, PharmD, MDiv, RYT in 2017. The first time Alessandra wrote “WOWD” (Women of Worth & Destiny), was on her vision board in 2009. At that time, she only had a small glimpse of what that might be. Since then, there has been a steady nudge in her heart, spirit and mind, to explore and bring WOWD to life. Alessandra’s professional experiences in end-of-life care, long-term care and community pharmacy, as well as her experiences in ministry and pastoral counseling training, were all instruments and opportunities that helped to inform, enlighten, reveal and confirm this portion of her journey. Alessandra’s name means “defender of humanity” and while she cannot defend all of humanity, it is her intent and desire to assist with strengthening, healing and empowering those, especially women, she has the honor and privilege of meeting. 

Alessandra is a licensed pharmacist, ordained minister and registered yoga teacher (RYT-200). She loves to learn, eat, travel, take long walks, spend time with family and friends, help others, practice yoga, and to receive different kinds of massages. These are some of the ways that she indulges in self-care to keep herself energized and balanced, strengthened, healed and empowered.